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Hi All,

I am more than happy to meet and would welcome suggestions of when this could take place.

I would ahead of a meeting like to pick you up on one of the point in your letter regarding timescales. You are right that the original approval for the latest phase of bidding for the European money was made many months ago. The reality the European money has been released in a number of phases and with last and current phase this has been further complicated by the fact that Coventry has been able to secure extra last minute funding.

The extra money has only been made available because a number of other projects around the country have not been able to spend all of their allocated European funding. Coventry has a reputation of being able to spend their allocated funding so extra money has been released for additional Coventry projects but on the proviso it is all spent by December 2015. This was why I made the comment on the radio and why there are a number of sets of works like Whittle arch and Corporation Street all happening at the same time.

An added complication with the extra funding was with the general election last May this delayed part of the approval process because whist the money comes from Europe there is nevertheless a need for the relevant Westminster Government Minister to sign off the funding. This meant everything has very much had to be done at the last minute and the start times for both the Whittle arch and Corporation Street were only agreed days before the contractors were on site.


Guy Craddock
Area Manager (Coventry)